Vastu Tips for Homes

Muthoot Apartment Interior

Nowadays, home buyers are not only on the lookout for a spacious home equipped with modern amenities but they also consider Vastu compliance as an important factor to fix a purchase deal. Vastu Shashtra is an ancient Indian architectural science that details specific arrangements or settings to be done in a home to ensure a harmonious life. Following the principles of this science helps to bring positive energy and eliminate negative energy from a home. Vastu describes the principles of design, layout, measurements and space arrangements that make a lot of scientific sense.

Vastu-compliant homes are designed based on various forms of energies around us. These energies when balanced properly, can enhance peace, prosperity, health, wealth and success in a home. A home can be an apartment or a villa, or an independent house. A home is a place that you are emotionally attached to, a place that tears your heart to leave. Leaving a hotel room isn’t upsetting, but leaving home sure is. Within a home, emotions like passion, love, warmth, and happiness breed. It is the place where you and your family members share precious moments in life. The flow of positive energies or vibrations creates a happy living environment.

Applying Vastu principles into an apartment can be challenging since you can’t make significant changes to the structure. This is because the apartments share walls with adjacent homes which may pose a problem for the neighbours. However, most of the experienced builders design their buildings to be Vastu compliant, so you won’t have to worry about making changes in the already existing structure. Trusted builders like Muthoot Homez understand the important aspects of Vastu and make sure that all their projects comply with its principles.

Some of the things you can do to attract positive energy are to choose homes that face north, east or north-east. Wash your hands and feet after coming home and always keep the home well-lit for creating positive energy.

Doing away with clutter is important for keeping the energy channels clear and avoiding arguments in the family. Giveaway with things you haven’t used in a year and keep your home clean and well-dusted to reflect positive energy.

Use pale soothing colours for the bedroom walls and soft furnishings to encourage harmony between the couple. The bed shouldn’t face a mirror as its bad for dreams and affects the balance of the room. Avoid sharp edges in furniture as they also create negativity around the home.

Keep unattractive, ugly things like thorny cactus, plastic flowers or artificial cloth outside the house as they create negative energy. Also, avoid doorbells that have an unpleasant sound as they spoil the peace.

If you can manage to make your home at least 70% Vastu-compliant, be happy, as you are on to a good thing!