Moving to a New Apartment

10 Common Mistakes When Moving Into a New Apartment

The stress of moving out of your home can be overwhelming, but the excitement of moving into your new apartment can be equally heady. And in the midst of all this melee, it’s easy to make mistakes when organizing the D-day, the day you plan to move into your new apartment.

Moving home isn’t as easy as it seems as there are many aspects of the shifting process to be organized. Here are some tips to help get you through the transition process smoothly so that it leaves good memories behind.


Home Shifting Packing

The first thing to accomplish is booking the movers for your moving day. You wouldn’t want to make-do and hire second-best and put your valuable possessions at risk.

Make a list

New Home Checklist

You need to make a checklist of all the things that need doing to make a smooth transition – and then gleefully tick them off one by one as you complete each task.


Declutter the Home

This is the perfect time for you to get rid of the things that you really don’t need. Why spend time packing and moving stuff which is redundant.

Getting started

Get Started in Home Shifting

You can start packing from a month before moving day. Start by packing stuff that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis. Starting early ensures you don’t end up staying late nights packing things in a less organised manner.

Overnight box

Overnight Box

Unpacking takes time and amid all the unopened boxes and furniture, you will need a breather to nourish yourself too. Have a small box handy with ready-to-eat snacks, juice and some water bottles, along with some disposable cups and plates. You should also have a box that contains essentials like beddings, nightclothes, toiletries, cleaning fluids, etc.


Make Packing Easier

A smarter way to pack is by preparing separate boxes for each room and labeling them accordingly. This way you know exactly where to keep each box for unpacking.


Utilities for Home

Remember to shut off the utilities before leaving. Similarly, ensure that the utilities are switched on in your new apartment prior to your moving in.

New home

New Home

It’s easier all around if you have the new apartment cleaned up the previous day and the curtains up. You wouldn’t want your new neighbors watching you on your first night in!


Scale Up the Home

Take measurements of your new home and ensure your current furniture fits in nicely. Or you might have to give away some furniture in a hurry…


Clean Out the Home

Finally, remember to clean out your old home before leaving!

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