6 Advantages of Living in an Apartment in Trivandrum

Along with changing lifestyle scenarios, nuclear families and soaring land prices, the attraction for vertical homes are on the uprise. Aside from pollution-free air and stunning views, the demand for high-rise buildings and apartments in Trivandrum is getting increasingly predominant. This is because apartment homes come with a plethora of advantages that stand-alone homes do … Continue reading 6 Advantages of Living in an Apartment in Trivandrum

Latest Trends in Flooring

Emerging technologies have been making a mark in every sphere, including the humble flooring of your home. Over the years, flooring trends have been changing as homeowners acquire new tastes and insights into newer possibilities. However, two main requirements remain unchanged and these are quality and performance of the flooring. While other parts of the … Continue reading Latest Trends in Flooring

Real Estate Investment Trends in Trivandrum

Kerala state is on a mission of progressive growth even though other more industrialized cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are overshadowing it currently. With the government’s backing, the technology sector is booming and has, directly and indirectly, produced job opportunities for uncountable people. Aside from this, the growth of the IT sector has also … Continue reading Real Estate Investment Trends in Trivandrum