Building a New Home

Important Points to Consider while Designing a New Home

Designing your own home comes with the euphoria of a dream come true, a dream that everyone has. It also gives you the opportunity to unleash the creative side in you and decorate your home according to your own personal desires.

However, not to get too carried away, it does come with its own share of pitfalls too for the first-time homeowner. To avoid making expensive mistakes, you will need to get a little realistic too and get your homework done right. Here’s a look at some tips to consider while designing your home:

Traditional or contemporary

Bedroom Designs

Before you can commence on your designing adventure, you need to decide whether you want to go traditional, contemporary, or something in-between. Once you have finalized on the preferred style, you can proceed further.

Family size

Bed Room Dimensions

Over the years, the family size grows and the number of bedrooms needed may increase from one to more than one. Ensure that you have enough rooms to designate as bedrooms for the expanding family.

Personal spaces

Personal Space in Home

Everyone needs space for their own activities. Ensure that you reserve a space for a home office or at least a nook with a table. There has to be a designated play area for the kids too so their toys don’t get scattered everywhere. Similarly, there should be a secluded space designated for reading, meditation or praying.


Kitchen Interior Design

This is the heart of the home and needs to be exactly what you want it to be – no compromises here! Modular kitchen designs work best as they provide very creative storage areas that keep your kitchen looking neat at all times.

Floor plans

Apartment Floor Plan

Before venturing out for any shopping, you need to have a thorough understanding of the floor size, space and location of windows and doors within each room. This is an important guide to help you select the right size of furniture and furnishing. Bulky settees can cramp your living rooms and small-sized furniture might make the room look bereft and lacking. Avoid placing furniture in front of the windows as they can interfere with the flow of natural light.


Best Colors for Apartments

The wall color is a dominating factor in each room and influences its final looks. Dark-colored walls can make a small room look even smaller while lighter shades can enhance the size of the room. Similarly, large patterned curtains, rugs or upholstery can make a small room look cluttered and oppressive.

Bedroom Interior Design

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