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Latest Trends in Flooring

Emerging technologies have been making a mark in every sphere, including the humble flooring of your home. Over the years, flooring trends have been changing as homeowners acquire new tastes and insights into newer possibilities. However, two main requirements remain unchanged and these are quality and performance of the flooring.

While other parts of the home can be changed to suit evolving trends, changing the flooring can be really disruptive and a major change that can’t be practiced too frequently. While it’s fine to follow trends, when it comes to the floor, you need to be extra careful. Your concerns on aesthetics and durability shouldn’t be compromised when choosing the flooring of your home.

There was a time when marble was considered king in terms of flooring, but preferences change and the focus is now on natural materials like wood and wood look-alikes in porcelain, ceramics and vitrified tiling. When selecting from the numerous choices of floorings available you have to keep your budget in mind as well as the ambiance you want to create. Your local climate also matters. Here’s a look at some of the common, yet dynamic materials trending this year:

Wood Look

Evolving technologies are ensuring that the wood look-alike flooring choices are becoming increasingly authentic-looking. Being the preferred choice of interior decorators, there are incredibly woodsy looking floorings available in ceramics, porcelain, vitrified tiling, vinyl, and laminates.


Amazingly diverse and realistic looking flooring that mimics many different types of materials is another trending choice. Advancing technologies ensure its authentic looking finishes that look like wood, granite, mosaic or Moroccan tiling.

Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is making a comeback. Its high durability and low maintenance make it an ideal choice, especially in tropical climate areas. They are excellent in kitchens which see high footfall and need a hardy floor to withstand the ravages of spills and stains.

Vinyl Flooring

The two main qualities of this flooring are its resistance to staining and its water resistance. These same qualities are making it an increasing trend as ideal flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl flooring has also been undergoing a sea change with current varieties being more durable and able to replicate the rich look of hardwood flooring.


There is no alternative to real wooden flooring which adds opulence to your home, increasing its Oomph factor. The rich texture of wood enhances its appeal and looks great in all parts of your home. The kitchen and bathroom areas are best avoided where there are more chances of spillages and staining.

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