Latest Trends in Interior Designing

Interior decoration is an art, a work in progress that keeps evolving and changing with time. Once in a while, it’s great to give the house a makeover, a change from the usual colors, arrangements, and accessories. While it’s not always feasible to change your expensive furniture every time you have a makeover, there are ways by which you can still affect a change.

But whatever changes you make, your personality should shine through; remember to add in some heirlooms, mementos from memorable journeys or some sentimental pieces, and voila, you have a newly decorated but, personalized home. The interesting thing about decorating is that trends keep changing and you need to do your share to keep up with them. Here are a few read-worthy designing tips for the year 2017.

Green is the color to go with this year as the emphasis is on nature. You don’t necessarily have to go the whole hog, but just a few touches here and there for a dramatic effect. You could have an accent wall with a soft shade of green or use wallpapers with green touches that would lend a tropical effect to your home while brightening it up too. A rich emerald green rug or dinner tablecloth will also create an amazing impact.

Tropical prints are in and can be replicated on anything from wallpapers to sofas or throw pillows. Team them up with some indoor green plants and you have a virtual paradise!

You can implement textures on walls, fabrics, brushed bronze decorative items or even light fixtures.

The vintage style lends a softening effect to your home and implies sophistication and super-stylishness. This unique style would include antique-style wooden furniture too.

The wooden effect adds to the rustic beauty of a home and it’s another ruling trend for 2017. It can be used to beautify any place – floor, walls, bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, hall or even the staircase. Use it lavishly for the furniture too.

Marble and brass are among the favorite natural materials this year. Combinations of marble and brass can be seen in bathrooms and kitchens this year, adding a touch of glamour and class, wherever used.

Geometric shapes like the timeless hexagons and triangles add minimalistic modern edge to the decor. However, these modern geometric shapes are being used to denote ancient African or Asian cultures, adding a touch of timeless chic to your space.

Quirky lighting fixtures look especially great over the dining table – or even on your bedside table; go ahead and experiment with something different!

Muted colors like shades of gray, beige, white and blushing pink will help ease the boldness of some of the other features that might be getting you anxious.

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